Aussie buyers choose location over looks

When it comes to choosing a home, Australian buyers value a property’s location over its condition, according to new research.

An independent study by Slater & Gordon Conveyancing has found Australians rank proximity to schools, and being close to work and public transport links as the three most important factors for a property.

Sellers could be wasting their time sprucing up their property in time for the peak spring season as the condition of the property was rated the least important factor.

Traditionally, the rule of thumb was first impressions count. There has always been consensus that a property in good condition was more likely to sell, but this research suggests people are more likely to look past that.

It’s also possibly reflective of the renovating trend we are seeing. People are buying with an eye to putting their own stamp on the property anyway.

However, it does not mean sellers should not try to position their property in the best way possible to gain the maximum sale price.


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