Fixed rate home loans to make a come back

Fixed rates cold be back in demand over the coming months.

in the next month or two could be the time if  you are considering a fixed rate home loan.

Fixed rates are currently becoming very reasonably priced. Lenders have seen that there is a market there and they are slashing their rates accordingly

Which fixed rates offered is the best value,  I’d most certainly have a look at a three year rate.

If you opt for a 3 year rate bear this in mind you may find yourself  looking at a higher variable rate when your fixed rate matures if the economists finally get something correct. All the data to hand suggests the economy will continue to improve which means interest rates and property values will increase too.

Yesterday, Bankwest slashed 44 basis points off its three year fixed rate product, taking it to 6.94 per cent.

The bank bill swap rate has come down significantly, giving lenders the ability and reason to slash the pricing on fixed rate products.


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