Trustees see SMSFs as safe investment

The number of SMSF trustees investing in residential property is increasing as the asset class is perceived as safer than other investments such as equities.

The number of investors buying in SMSFs is definitely increasing.

SMSF trustees do still see property as a safer investment because it is a tangible asset.

While SMSF trustees should seek advice on all their investments, the vast majority of clients are choosing to invest independently.

A lot of SMSF trustees setting things up have not been using an accountant or financial planner.

They are happy to go ahead on their own knowledge and gut feel.

There was little difference between SMSF investors and mum and dad investors when it came to due diligence.

People who have an SMSF are supposed to be more intelligent because they have more money in their super, and in order to have that you have to be more astute to set up an SMSF.

Having said that, there is not much difference in the investors who buy in their fund or not in their fund.

They are still keen and active to get in and buy property.


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